Celebrating the Health Benefits of Celery


There are many types of celery plants from different countries. Chinese celery, for example, is a variety of celery that has a stronger taste and a darker colour than the usual.

Celery is commonly used in Indonesia as a soup-based complement. Celery has many health benefits and is used often to treat different diseases.

Many Benefits of Celery The dried fruits and seeds of the celery plant are used to treat a variety of ailments. They are then pressed into oil. Celery can also be used to make wine-like beverages. Celery juice can also be used as medicine. Celery oil can be purchased in capsules.

Some of the health benefits of celery as a medicine are not scientifically supported and require further research. These are some of the health benefits that celery is believed to have.

Streamlining menstruation
Celery seeds could be used to ease and relieve menstrual discomfort. Based on three-day clinical trials that included celery seeds, anise (saffron), and kuma kuma (saffron), this study was concluded.

Repel mosquitoes
It is possible to use celery as a mosquito repellent lotion. Studies have shown that products containing 5-25% of celery extract repel mosquitoes for as long as four hours.

Source for essential minerals
Celery is rich in important minerals like potassium, which helps to regulate blood pressure, as well as manganese, which helps to regulate brain and nerve function.

Lower blood pressure
Celery is rich in phytochemicals called phthalides. These relax the muscle tissue of artery walls and increase blood flow, which in turn reduces blood pressure.

Increase memory
According to a study, luteolin, an antioxidant found in celery can help improve memory. This substance is thought to lower the risk of developing various diseases as a result of aging, including memory loss and inflammation.

Celery can be eaten and used as a temporary treatment for skin conditions. Celery can make your skin sensitive to the sun and cause inflammation. Celery oil and celery seeds may not be safe to consume for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. Celery oil and celery seeds can cause the uterus contractions in large amounts.

It has been well-known that celery has many health benefits. However, high intakes of celery in drug form can lead to several disorders such as low blood pressure, kidney problems, bleeding and nervous system disorders.

Celery should be limited in quantity. Before you take celery as an herbal medicine, whether it is raw, cooked or in supplement form, please consult your doctor.